Searching for confidence, relevance, connection, and identity? A health coach can help.

Best health coach can help with loosing weight, exercise, finding self and health goals

Do you remember a time when confidence and relevance were not something you had to go searching for? A time when connection and identity of self were effortless? A best time when life was filled with possibilities and the vista from where you stood was nothing short of amazing?

In every life, at some point or other, we find ourselves a little askew of ourselves. Congruence with who we once were or thought we were is just not there. We are “off”. This may last only a day or two before we feel our old fabulous selves again. Other times the dis-congruence drones on like a bad movie that won’t end. Often we are so busy with our daily tasks that we don’t even really take notice of this shift until one day we look up. We take a breath, survey the land that lay before us, and do not recognize where we are.

A best health coach can help.  A partnership for change.
Lost within. Searching for tools.

Panic and Doubt

Panic sets in as we try old tactics that have worked for us before but now are no longer effective. We begin to doubt ourselves. Where once we found strength in our ability to figure things out and mind over matter worked, we now find ourselves slipping and falling. And again, and again. This new landscape is different and unfamiliar and this new landscape does not yield to the same set of rules and tools that we know so well. The best tools that gained us success before simply feel akin to using a spoon to move a mountain.

New Tools

We need a new set of tools, an aid for our eyes with which to see exactly how to navigate. Tools to best learn how to incorporate the old ways while tweaking them to work in this new environment. We must access what worked, understand why and utilize those successes to move us forward. The knowledge gleaned from all will help us formulate our plans now and will indeed propel us in the direction of our goals.

We need someone to act as our guide to familiarize us with this new land. Not to take the trip for us, oh no, but to accompany us so that we may see the pitfalls and obstacles ahead. Someone to support us as we make plans to navigate around, over, or through barriers. A confidant and accountability partner who believes in our ability to make the necessary changes, who believes we are relevant, worthy, and capable, and who knows that the vitality, power, and energy you once had, is still very much present. This person will hold the mirror up so that you can see the strength that lies within.

Health coach helps.  Healthy changes that last.
Your health coach is a partner on your journey to change.

A Partner by your Side

You need a Health Coach. Not just any health coach. You need a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. This ensures that your coach has met a standard set by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching and the National Board of Medical Examiners.

A health coach is a partnership for change and goes far beyond telling you what or how to do things. You see, a health coach believes you really are the expert on your life and as such you have the ability to honestly assess what will fit and what won’t. Trusting in your capability to learn from what works and from what doesn’t, along with full confidence in your capacity to change, is at the heart of health coaching.

So go ahead! Discover the connection with your identity and the way you visualize your best self. Confidence, relevance, strength, and empowerment can be reflected back to you as you find what’s been hiding there all along. With your strong resolve and a health coach partner by your side to champion your vision, anything is possible.

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