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Corporate Wellness

What are your company’s wellness needs?

Corporate Meeting Discussing Health Coaching in Springfield MO

Is wellness a destination or an evolving journey? I help your company and employees create the map.

I partner with your company and employees to build, connect, curate, support, encourage, facilitate or present many facets of your employee’s wellness package.

Whether it is a lunch and learn, group or personal coaching, lunchtime cooking demos, and more, my services will enhance your corporate wellness program.

The following are an example of a few topics Mindfully Aware Health can present in a dynamic manner for your company and employees.

  • Health Coaching 101
  • Sleep and the Brain
  • Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet!
  • Sitting, the New Smoking??
  • Cube Life
  • Habits-Transferring Old to New
  • My Personal Life Doesn’t Affect My Professional Life
  • Mind, Body, What??
  • The Nature Connection
  • Kitchen Clean Up
  • Too Much on Your Plate
  • I’ll Start Tomorrow!
  • One Small Step
  • Let’s connect

Have a topic in mind you don’t see here? Ask me? I’ll curate a program to fit your needs.

Corporate Wellness program from Mindfully Aware Health and Wellness Coaching Springfield MO
Lisa Spector BS, NBC-HWC

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  • Lisa Spector

    In 2017 I became one of the first Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches in the Nation and the first and only in all of Southwest Missouri. I was so excited I could hardly contain my enthusiasm. I was able to help people move forward with their lives in a very meaningful, lasting, and powerful way. Health coaching is a strong vehicle for change. I believe fully in our ability to change, transform, and evolve. Often our success comes with support, accountability, resources, and someone who genuinely cares about us. That’s me, a Mindfully Aware Health & Wellness Coach.

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