Medical Advocacy

  • Is dealing with the medical community frustrating?
  • Has finding the right medical care for you been elusive?
  • Do you leave a physician’s office with more questions than answers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a health coach or health advocate might be a good fit for you.

A health coach or health advocate is someone you can trust to help you navigate the healthcare web.

A health coach can help you figure out exactly what you want and need to know, how to approach finding a physician that meets your needs, and help you set and achieve goals surrounding your health care.

A health coach can also serve as an advocate, being more involved in the visits with providers and assisting with the navigation, communication, and compliance of health care providers’ recommendations.

The healthcare community generally encourages people to have a health advocate with them for doctor’s visits, tests, etc. to ensure the information being shared is heard by both parties.

Though there is encouragement to have an advocate, only about 70% of people have a trusted someone with them for visits, according to John Hopkins Medicine.

“Having two people hear the discussion and making sure they understand is much better than just one set of ears since it can be difficult for one person to remember everything that’s been discussed.”

-John Hopkins Medicine

When choosing a medical or health advocate they should be someone who is calm, organized, assertive, and comfortable asking questions. Although health advocates are not legally bound by HIPPA compliance, advocates recognize that privacy is an essential component of every client relationship.

According to the NAHAC – the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy

“…Advocates aim to assist clients in obtaining healthcare that is safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.”

-National Association Of Healthcare Advocacy (NAHAC)

If you feel a health coach or health advocate may be a good fit for you, let’s talk.

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